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Environmental Impact

The purpose of our decisions is to consider the ensuing positive environmental impact, when deciding whether to proceed with a project.

With more than two decades of in-house recycling of green waste, Treeco Arborist and TCA Landscape are truly pioneers in the practice of keeping landscape maintenance by-products out of our landfills.  Virtually 100% of all waste produced by our trimming and maintenance operations is processed at our own facilities; first ground into a rough mulch, a portion of which is returned to our maintenance sites (free of charge) and used to mulch and top dress planters and tree rings.  Additional grinding and sifting stages separate our organic waste into several grades of products, from rough mulch to fine decomposed compost.  Long before “green” was a popular term for stewardship of our lands, Treeco Arborist and TCA have been employing entirely green practices. 

Other green waste recycling operations in Orange County have actually followed our lead and sought our consultation to set up their own recycling programs.  Rather than seeing our colleagues in the green waste recycling portion of our business as competitors, we embrace them as fellow stewards of the lands that we strive to maintain and beautify as our places in which we live and work.  To be able to do so with a zero impact upon the landfills is as much a point of pride, as it is a responsibility. 

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